Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How Do You Do Happy? *Guest Post*

We have been running our blog for over a year now, and because of your unbelievable support in our shop, we have been posting less frequently than we like; so we're calling on you!
This post we asked our frequent flyer and milage monster Andrew Titus @RunTitusRun to share with us what inspires him to get outside and stay active every day. Thanks for your contribution and keep on keepin' on!
"I get naked in my office three or four times a day. You may be thinking that if my coworkers knew what was going on in here they’d think that I was really REALLY weird – thing is, they already know that. They know that I’m the weird one in the office, though, not because I get naked in here, but why.

I suppose that lots of folks go on adventures – they jump on planes and go to places that have TV’s and malls and stuff but are lots warmer than here. Or they save their cash until they can take on monster ski hills out west or until they can rock with the bulls in Spain. That’s cool – I’m glad they do that. But for me, adventure happens every day and I’ve come to realize that all it takes is the willingness to carry a couple of changes of clothes – an Icebreaker T maybe, some SmartWool socks, a light pair of sneaks.

Adventure starts with the daily bike commute, through wind and hail and snow and sunshine alike; then at noon when I run through the woods and the mud and splash in streams with the dog. In the evening, with the kids my wife and I go to the lake for a kayak or hike in the forest or go sliding. When I get up in the morning, all I know for sure is that the day holds untold moments of delight and strain, that there will be an hour in the middle of the day when I’ll be cruising past a river in the country and see a crane, or that a thrill will come with flying down a trail so fast that I lose my footing, and maybe just a few seconds when I stop, breathe deeply and notice how everything else seems to be breathing with me.
Adventure doesn’t need a lot cash, but it does need a huge desire – mostly the desire to be the weird one in the office.

I like to get dirty. I like to get dirty and wet and sweaty. I get naked in my office every day, and I intend to live this life for some time to come."

If you want to read more of Andrew's shenanigans, follow him on twitter or check out his blog.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Banff Mountain Film Festival Has Plusher Seats!

As usual, there is a ton of buzz about the Banff Mountain Film Festival - but this year it just got bigger, better and boozier!
This year's festival will be held at our beloved Fredericton Playhouse. Seating capacity bumps from 500 to 700 so if you didn't make it last year, now is your chance. Although, your odds for winning some sweet prizes has decreased, there isn't a bad seat in the house; so that is a definite win.
The other reason we absolutely love the Playhouse is access to delicious Picaroons products! After the show, chat about your favorite films across the way at the James Joyce pub where Happy Hour drink specials will be flowing all night long.

We'll be there - will you?!
Tickets are ALMOST gone, so click here. Right now! If you need even MORE convincing, check out the trailer below.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Fredericton FROSTival Fun

Hey everyone, 
We hope that everyone has been praying for snow and wearing your pyjamas inside out for some snow days during this January thaw! Though it is great to see many of you braving the cold and ice and keeping up with your daily run routines.

Click to enlarge for more details
Regardless of how far the temperatures drop, we will always find something to get our blood pumping and quench our thirst for adventure. This season, we've teamed up with the Fredericton FROSTival and are taking you on a guided snowshoe hike in the moonlight through the Fredericton woodlot! 

Meet us here!
If you've got a pair of snowshoes, meet us at the wood lot by 6:45pm to group up and we'll head into the woods and start exploring. If you don't have a pair of snowshoes stop by our Queen St. Location and we can hook you up with a great pair of Atlas 9 Series shoes to rent for the evening. Availability is limited, so please call ahead to reserve your pair. See renter's details below!

After our snowshoe hike, make sure you see a RadEdge staff member and get a Radical Edge token. Present this token at The King Street Ale House when you order and receive 2 for 1 Picaroons suds all night long! 

Because it is frigid outside, we are making it mandatory that you wear warm clothing (insulated jacket, hat, mittens/gloves & warm footwear). Also, because this is an evening event and it will be dark during the hike, we are also asking that you bring a flashlight or headlamp. The hike will last approximately two hours, so please come prepared to be outside for that length of time. 

Snowshoe Rental Information
There is a limited amount of snowshoes to rent, so please call us ASAP to reserve your pair. It is first come, first served. 
For the event only, the rental price will be $10. Pickup for the rental shoes will be between 9am and 4pm Saturday, February 15th. After 4pm, if you have not picked up your rental and we cannot contact you, we will move onto the next person in priority. 
Snowshoes must be returned on site  after the hike to an appointed Radical Edge Staff member. 
If shoes are not returned that evening, the renter will be charged regular rental fee ($15) and $10 for every additional day late. 

If you DO rent snowshoes - you could be 2 in 20 that will WIN A PAIR of your very own! 
Stick around after the hike and we will select our winners. 

Let the fun begin! See you out there!

If you have any questions, please call 
The Radical Edge @ 
506-459-3478 x 2
For more FROSTival events, food, concerts and more, click here

Monday, 2 December 2013

Instant Winter: Time to Play!

Fredericton has finally been doused with the white stuff over the weekend and it has never looked so inviting! 
So many people decide that once winter begins and the snow has fallen that they should trap themselves inside and just wait for groundhog day - well my friends, you'd be surprised at how much fun you can have over these next several months. For many of you, this winter is the first time you've decided to embrace it and are looking for activities to keep moving and avoid going stir crazy. 

So, here is a RadEdge Staff Endorsed list of great things to do this winter! And as always, we are always happy to help you gear up with the dryest, warmest and lightest stuff to help you stay out longer. 

Here we go!

#10: Do a Loppet
No, a loppet it not a breed of dog - it's a cross country ski race! For some, its a great way to spend some time outside being active and for others its a whole new challenge. Our friends at Wostawea will be holding their annual loppet in Mactaquac this coming February with distances of 2.5, 5, 15 & 30km options. 

#9: Go Ice climbing
Though ice climbing may look intimidating, the sport really gets you into the winter spirit. By going ice climbing you could cross off a couple of winter activities on this list! Snowshoe into your icy falls and set up camp and then challenge yourself to a feat that only few attempt! Some of the best ice climbing can be found in Parlee Brook, just outside of Sussex. Make it a weekend adventure! Pick up New Brunswick Ice Climbing Guide at Radical Edge!

#8: Ride a Fat Bike
Who said mountain biking is just for the mud? No one has ever said that. Not since the introduction of the fat bike! Try hitting the trails in 32" wheels and just float on through MVP without a care. Check out Radical Edge's selection of fat bikes and take one for a spin!

#7: Try Skate Skiing
mmm the smell of toasting buns. If you want to whip your butt into shape, try strapping on some narrow planks and skate ski your way through the Woodlot. The technique of skate skiing is very rhythmic and very relaxing and an incredible workout once you get into the groove. No turkey or Christmas cookin' will stick to your thighs once you give this sport a try!

#6: Winter Geocache
Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt that can be played even during the winter months! Make sure that your cache has the snowflake icon next to it so you know it can be found in the winter, then head out and find your snowy treasure. 

#5 Try an Adventure Race
So you've managed to survive all of the Natural Selection Adventure Races this summer - congratulations. Now, let's add some unpredictability of snow. If you're good with a compass and love the wilderness, try out the Nine Toe Winter Run this year, put on by Scouts Canada. Navigate your way to all 10 controls in 8 hours and make it out of the woods (hopefully with all ten toes!)

#4 Winter Trail Run
Trail running can still be accomplished in the winter. Grab your beefiest shoes and head into some of the best trails around the city. Many of the paved trails around the city are salted and ploughed so winter runners can still get their milage in. Make sure you layer up and make plans for some hot toddys afterward to warm up!

#3: Downhill Ski/Snowboard 
New Brunswick is lucky to have asuch great hills close to home for some downhill skiing/snowboarding. Our own Crabbe Mountain will be up and running again in a matter of weeks! Fly through the glades or hit the Rockstar park then head to the Cafeteria for a Fix and chill out with some tunes apres ski at the Thirsty Boot Lounge. Pray for Snow. 

#2: Winter Camping
Solitude. Nothing is quieter or more peaceful than winter camping. No fees, no flies, and complete freedom. Winter camping, when done properly and with the right gear can be just as fun and comfortable as summer camping. The world is literally open and you can break trails and camp where ever you see fit. Very few people can say they have slept on a frozen lake! 

#1: Go Snowshoeing
One of Canada's most popular activities is snowshoeing. Float your way through fresh powder into the wild where everything looks new again. Try snowshoeing at night for even more fun! Radical Edge has teamed up with Fredericton FROSTival and will be guiding a moonlight snowshoe tour in February; check back for more details. Until then, give snowshoeing a try on your own!
From now until the 15th of December, with every pair of snowshoes purchased, we'll throw in a FREE set of poles! 

There you have it. A full checklist and a multitude of reasons why you should get out and play this winter. No excuses necessary. As always, if you need a partner, don't hesitate to ask any of the staff at the shop - we'd love to tag along! 

See you out there!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Whats on Your Wishlist?

As we had mentioned in an earlier post this week, we want to make this holiday gift giving season just that much easier. If you, or someone you love loves Radical Edge why not get them to fill out their #Wishlist? 

By filling out a wishlist, you can get the gift you want, in exactly the size or color you want it - this means less time in the return line after the holidays. 

Make sure you wish for a few things - that way you will still get what you want, but you won't know exactly what! (Or you might have the best friends ever and you get everything!)

There are two ways you can get a #Wishlist. You can come into the shop and pick up a form and fill one out while you browse, OR you can click the link HERE and download the PDF, fill it out then drop it off or email us with the subject as "ATTN: WISHLIST" 
Once we've got your form in our hands, we file it away safely until Santa's little helpers come and ask for it. 
Make sure you leave your name clearly at the top!

We hope you've been good this year, and you get everything you wish for!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Snow is in the forecast...eventually. But we want to remind you that picking up a good pair of sunglasses are just as important during the winter as they are in the summer. In the winter, whether you are hitting the slopes or just strolling the streets, sun can cause serious damage to your eyes by the glare it creates off of snow. 

Radical Edge has teamed up with the good folks at Oakley to entice the masses to pick up some peeper savin' sunnies by offering a FREE GIFT. Come on into the shop, try on some Oakley styles and no matter what pair you leave with, you get a sweet Oakley iPhone (4 or 5!) case included. 

These tough cases are stylish and functional - the exact thing you need to protect your precious. 
This free gift is a retail value of $40 plus tax. Why not protect your eyes, and your phone all in one shot!

This is a limited time offer and is only while supplies lasts! So if you have been on the fence...hop off that perch and come on down!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

On the First Day of Xmas, Rad Edge Gave To Me....

Things are starting to get a little crazy in the Downtown Fredericton area! With only 6 weeks until Christmas, many of you are starting to get into that holiday spirit. Store fronts are decorated, there is Christmas music blaring and many of us are starting to get our holiday gifts under wraps. To a lot of folks this is a pretty stressful time of year; some take plenty of time to find the perfect gift and others will just take ANYTHING so that there is something wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning. To appease both the stressful shopper and the person who loves giving the latest and greatest, we've put together some programs this season to make sure everyone (even the naughty ones) get something they love!

Christmas Wishlist
One of our newest instalments this year is the #Wishlist. We want everyone to be in good spirits this year over the holidays and sometimes that means making sure you get the right gift! While you stop into our shop to browse around, pick up the #wishlist form at the front and jot down your must-have items this year then leave it tucked safely with our staff. Avoid standing in the lineup to return the shirt that is three sizes too big, or the Oakleys that make you look like a muppet. 
We hear so often "my son loves this store but he has everything!" So let's help Mom or Dad out this season and make shopping a bit easier - because after all, spending time with family is what its about right? 

Radical Edge Staff Gift Guide
We see it - you wandering aimlessly trying to find a gift for the hiker/camper/climber that fits your budget. Well we've done a lot of the work for you. When you pop into the shop, check out the Christmas Gift Guide that is set up when you walk in. We've highlighted the products that we are the most excited about this season for the hobbyist in your family. Have a budget of $20 for Secret Santa in your Office? We've narrowed down the best gifts for any price range. No matter what the price, no matter what they're into - we've got a gift for that. 
Also, check out www.radicaledge.ca and click on our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide to browse by activity, price and check out our staff picks!

The 12 Deals of Christmas

Yes, back by popular demands its the #12DaysOfXmas! We've got some EPIC deals lined up for the best twelve days of shopping you could imagine. Some great offers from The North Face, Black Diamond and more are going to have your banging down our doors for a solid two weeks, and we can't wait! Starting on December 12th, keep checking back here and our other social media Twitter, Facebook every day for what is up for grabs that day. These are our best deals yet so keep checking back every day at 9am between December 12-24th. 

As always, shop local and bring it downtown!