Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oakley Season

Welcome to Spring everyone!
Springtime for those in the outdoor world tend to have mixed emotions. They morn the loss of ski season,  but anxiously await the long bike rides or just lazing in a hammock occasionally emerging to hop onto the slackline. The nice thing about the change, is that you get to pull out and rekindle the love with all your summer equipment and start perusing the new gear on the market and replace that old, falling apart, mouldy tent.
The one piece of gear that you can never go wrong with having, in any season - a good pair of sunnies, and for that we recommend you grab a pair of Oakley.

When you purchase a brand new pair of Oakleys, or you come in to replace the pair that you lost at the bottom of a river (we hear that all too many times), you are getting so much more than just a pair of sunglasses.
Let's quickly run through the benefits of having a pair of Oakleys, and then check out some of the new styles that we unwrapped in the store this past week. We're really excited about the launch of the Spring line, and they are already flying out of the case!
When you pick up a pair of Oakleys, you're not just getting sunglasses, your getting high definition optics in protective eyewear. The lens in any pair of Oakleys are designed to give you the utmost clarity, and are shaped (in likeness to the retina of the eye) during the molding process so there is no distortion in the image.
this shows how sharp the image is under an Oakley lens. 
The material that Oakley uses to create their sunglasses (Plutonite, for those who are dying to know), is created to protect your peepers from all types of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, not just the max highs, and the very lows. You are protected no matter what.
full protection from wicked rays
Not only are protected from the rays, but the lenses in Oakleys are literally lifesaving. If you didn't have a chance to check out the Rolling O-Lab that came through Freddy last summer, you missed out on some cool stuff. The lenses in Oakleys are put through close range high impact tests, and slow force heavy weight far distance tests. If any parts of the lenses are damaged and touches the eye, the material isn't used; which is why Oakleys are now standard issue for the US military. See below, a photo of a Canadian Solider, who sent this photo to our Oakley Rep, Terry. If you don't believe us, he'd speak the truth!
the face of a soldier (Shawn) wounded from
shrapnel. Note the areas where he is
not injured.
The lenses of a Radar Path that saved his

You can get various lens tints for a variety of weather and sun, which makes Oakleys super versatile. Not to mention, having a pair of their polarized lenses may just change your life. Come on in and try the polarization test - you won't leave without them. 

Now, our fancy shmancy model will show you all the brand new styles that rolled through our shop this week! Come on in and try them on! Click on any of the names to check out more color options and more info!


Bottle Rocket                                                                                         Crosshair

Come on in and check out the new releases! We are always eager to help you find the perfect frame to fit your face, and your unique style. Whether you are looking for a sport oriented glass, a ladies style, or something funky and fun, we got your kicks. Happy Spring!

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  1. Great info!! This is why people shop at specialty retail- very knowledgeable sales staff and lots of selection.