Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Radical Edge "How To" for Enlightenment

Does your third eye feel a bit cloudy? Perhaps you want the relaxation of yoga, but don't know what to wear or where to go - Prana, we'll help you out. 
There are hundreds of thousands of people who have hopped onto the yoga bandwagon, including athletes, celebrities and probably your neighbour. The reason it is getting so popular, is that word is getting around that it is actually good for you! If you are active, or have high stress, yoga could be an option for you. Sure, we've heard that doing Yoga feels kind of goofy - but letting your mind relax and your muscles stretch is an amazing de-stressor, in fact it is prescribed by many GPs!
Other benefits include improving flexibility and strength, circulation and weight loss. Why not, right? 

So, you've decided the benefits of a yoga class are worth it - now what?
Well, you should venture out and find a class! The Radical Edge on Westmorland offers some yoga classes with Jane McKeown. Click her name to find out times and classes. If you are a cyclist or runner I'd recommend checking out the Saturday Morning 7am class - hamstring stretch galore!
You can also check out Satori studio, which offers tons of Yoga classes to meet your busy schedule and several instructors to help you out.
If you are a member of the YMCA, you can also find yoga classes at their facilities. The Fredericton YMCA offers classes almost every single day! Day passes and weekly passes are also available.
There are tons of yoga studios available in your local area and most studios have classes every hour to accommodate. 

Now, you've looked up what yoga classes will work for you, the question now is "but what will I wear!?" Yes, men have this dilemma too. And yes, men, you CAN do yoga. Luckily we have some products in store that really facilitate that downward dog. Some of our favorite pieces for men come from Prana. Prana, in the ancient language of sanskrit means "Breathe" so as you might conclude, they are primarily a yoga company. 
For ladies, they make some really great tops, like this one: 
Prana's "Quinn" Top, a Radical Edge Best Seller!
If you are looking for a yoga mat, you might want to check out the EcoMat from Prana as well. It will biodegrade in long exposure to sunlight over 5 years because it is made from an eco friendly plastic that doesn't release any toxins when manufactured. It also has an amazing stickyness and is very soft on the feet.  

Another great company for yoga clothing that you might not have thought of is The North Face. Check out their "Tadasana" line, especially their Tadasana VPR pant. It's a great 4-way stretch with a thick waist band to prevent that damn "muffin top."  To prevent your ass-mazing pants from getting smelly and gross, the Tadasana fabric is treated with Vaporwick. If you want to be super trendy, you can also grab a stylish "Scrunchie Totebag" from Timbuk2 to carry all your yoga wear and your mat!

So there you have it - you've heard the benefits, you've seen the products, you've got some contacts - there is nothing else left to do now but Cobra.


  1. Hi!

    My name is Juliane Nowe and I just moved to Oromocto, New Brunswick from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am originally from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

    I am certified in teaching both adult's and children's yoga. In Halifax, I was teaching both.

    I want to get involved in the yoga community here and the community in general! I am looking to start teaching again and was wondering if you had any positions available or could point me in the right direction to someone who is. I am also interested in renting space.

    I have been looking for yoga workshops and training here in New Brunswick in Mom and Baby yoga and Prenatal yoga but haven't seen anything. Do you know if and where it may be provided.

    Thank you so much for you time!

    Hope you have a great night,

    Juliane Nowe

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