Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How Do You Do Happy? *Guest Post*

We have been running our blog for over a year now, and because of your unbelievable support in our shop, we have been posting less frequently than we like; so we're calling on you!
This post we asked our frequent flyer and milage monster Andrew Titus @RunTitusRun to share with us what inspires him to get outside and stay active every day. Thanks for your contribution and keep on keepin' on!
"I get naked in my office three or four times a day. You may be thinking that if my coworkers knew what was going on in here they’d think that I was really REALLY weird – thing is, they already know that. They know that I’m the weird one in the office, though, not because I get naked in here, but why.

I suppose that lots of folks go on adventures – they jump on planes and go to places that have TV’s and malls and stuff but are lots warmer than here. Or they save their cash until they can take on monster ski hills out west or until they can rock with the bulls in Spain. That’s cool – I’m glad they do that. But for me, adventure happens every day and I’ve come to realize that all it takes is the willingness to carry a couple of changes of clothes – an Icebreaker T maybe, some SmartWool socks, a light pair of sneaks.

Adventure starts with the daily bike commute, through wind and hail and snow and sunshine alike; then at noon when I run through the woods and the mud and splash in streams with the dog. In the evening, with the kids my wife and I go to the lake for a kayak or hike in the forest or go sliding. When I get up in the morning, all I know for sure is that the day holds untold moments of delight and strain, that there will be an hour in the middle of the day when I’ll be cruising past a river in the country and see a crane, or that a thrill will come with flying down a trail so fast that I lose my footing, and maybe just a few seconds when I stop, breathe deeply and notice how everything else seems to be breathing with me.
Adventure doesn’t need a lot cash, but it does need a huge desire – mostly the desire to be the weird one in the office.

I like to get dirty. I like to get dirty and wet and sweaty. I get naked in my office every day, and I intend to live this life for some time to come."

If you want to read more of Andrew's shenanigans, follow him on twitter or check out his blog.

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