Tuesday, 19 November 2013

On the First Day of Xmas, Rad Edge Gave To Me....

Things are starting to get a little crazy in the Downtown Fredericton area! With only 6 weeks until Christmas, many of you are starting to get into that holiday spirit. Store fronts are decorated, there is Christmas music blaring and many of us are starting to get our holiday gifts under wraps. To a lot of folks this is a pretty stressful time of year; some take plenty of time to find the perfect gift and others will just take ANYTHING so that there is something wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning. To appease both the stressful shopper and the person who loves giving the latest and greatest, we've put together some programs this season to make sure everyone (even the naughty ones) get something they love!

Christmas Wishlist
One of our newest instalments this year is the #Wishlist. We want everyone to be in good spirits this year over the holidays and sometimes that means making sure you get the right gift! While you stop into our shop to browse around, pick up the #wishlist form at the front and jot down your must-have items this year then leave it tucked safely with our staff. Avoid standing in the lineup to return the shirt that is three sizes too big, or the Oakleys that make you look like a muppet. 
We hear so often "my son loves this store but he has everything!" So let's help Mom or Dad out this season and make shopping a bit easier - because after all, spending time with family is what its about right? 

Radical Edge Staff Gift Guide
We see it - you wandering aimlessly trying to find a gift for the hiker/camper/climber that fits your budget. Well we've done a lot of the work for you. When you pop into the shop, check out the Christmas Gift Guide that is set up when you walk in. We've highlighted the products that we are the most excited about this season for the hobbyist in your family. Have a budget of $20 for Secret Santa in your Office? We've narrowed down the best gifts for any price range. No matter what the price, no matter what they're into - we've got a gift for that. 
Also, check out www.radicaledge.ca and click on our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide to browse by activity, price and check out our staff picks!

The 12 Deals of Christmas

Yes, back by popular demands its the #12DaysOfXmas! We've got some EPIC deals lined up for the best twelve days of shopping you could imagine. Some great offers from The North Face, Black Diamond and more are going to have your banging down our doors for a solid two weeks, and we can't wait! Starting on December 12th, keep checking back here and our other social media Twitter, Facebook every day for what is up for grabs that day. These are our best deals yet so keep checking back every day at 9am between December 12-24th. 

As always, shop local and bring it downtown! 

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