Friday, 31 January 2014

Banff Mountain Film Festival Has Plusher Seats!

As usual, there is a ton of buzz about the Banff Mountain Film Festival - but this year it just got bigger, better and boozier!
This year's festival will be held at our beloved Fredericton Playhouse. Seating capacity bumps from 500 to 700 so if you didn't make it last year, now is your chance. Although, your odds for winning some sweet prizes has decreased, there isn't a bad seat in the house; so that is a definite win.
The other reason we absolutely love the Playhouse is access to delicious Picaroons products! After the show, chat about your favorite films across the way at the James Joyce pub where Happy Hour drink specials will be flowing all night long.

We'll be there - will you?!
Tickets are ALMOST gone, so click here. Right now! If you need even MORE convincing, check out the trailer below.

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