Thursday, 21 November 2013

Whats on Your Wishlist?

As we had mentioned in an earlier post this week, we want to make this holiday gift giving season just that much easier. If you, or someone you love loves Radical Edge why not get them to fill out their #Wishlist? 

By filling out a wishlist, you can get the gift you want, in exactly the size or color you want it - this means less time in the return line after the holidays. 

Make sure you wish for a few things - that way you will still get what you want, but you won't know exactly what! (Or you might have the best friends ever and you get everything!)

There are two ways you can get a #Wishlist. You can come into the shop and pick up a form and fill one out while you browse, OR you can click the link HERE and download the PDF, fill it out then drop it off or email us with the subject as "ATTN: WISHLIST" 
Once we've got your form in our hands, we file it away safely until Santa's little helpers come and ask for it. 
Make sure you leave your name clearly at the top!

We hope you've been good this year, and you get everything you wish for!

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