Monday, 2 December 2013

Instant Winter: Time to Play!

Fredericton has finally been doused with the white stuff over the weekend and it has never looked so inviting! 
So many people decide that once winter begins and the snow has fallen that they should trap themselves inside and just wait for groundhog day - well my friends, you'd be surprised at how much fun you can have over these next several months. For many of you, this winter is the first time you've decided to embrace it and are looking for activities to keep moving and avoid going stir crazy. 

So, here is a RadEdge Staff Endorsed list of great things to do this winter! And as always, we are always happy to help you gear up with the dryest, warmest and lightest stuff to help you stay out longer. 

Here we go!

#10: Do a Loppet
No, a loppet it not a breed of dog - it's a cross country ski race! For some, its a great way to spend some time outside being active and for others its a whole new challenge. Our friends at Wostawea will be holding their annual loppet in Mactaquac this coming February with distances of 2.5, 5, 15 & 30km options. 

#9: Go Ice climbing
Though ice climbing may look intimidating, the sport really gets you into the winter spirit. By going ice climbing you could cross off a couple of winter activities on this list! Snowshoe into your icy falls and set up camp and then challenge yourself to a feat that only few attempt! Some of the best ice climbing can be found in Parlee Brook, just outside of Sussex. Make it a weekend adventure! Pick up New Brunswick Ice Climbing Guide at Radical Edge!

#8: Ride a Fat Bike
Who said mountain biking is just for the mud? No one has ever said that. Not since the introduction of the fat bike! Try hitting the trails in 32" wheels and just float on through MVP without a care. Check out Radical Edge's selection of fat bikes and take one for a spin!

#7: Try Skate Skiing
mmm the smell of toasting buns. If you want to whip your butt into shape, try strapping on some narrow planks and skate ski your way through the Woodlot. The technique of skate skiing is very rhythmic and very relaxing and an incredible workout once you get into the groove. No turkey or Christmas cookin' will stick to your thighs once you give this sport a try!

#6: Winter Geocache
Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt that can be played even during the winter months! Make sure that your cache has the snowflake icon next to it so you know it can be found in the winter, then head out and find your snowy treasure. 

#5 Try an Adventure Race
So you've managed to survive all of the Natural Selection Adventure Races this summer - congratulations. Now, let's add some unpredictability of snow. If you're good with a compass and love the wilderness, try out the Nine Toe Winter Run this year, put on by Scouts Canada. Navigate your way to all 10 controls in 8 hours and make it out of the woods (hopefully with all ten toes!)

#4 Winter Trail Run
Trail running can still be accomplished in the winter. Grab your beefiest shoes and head into some of the best trails around the city. Many of the paved trails around the city are salted and ploughed so winter runners can still get their milage in. Make sure you layer up and make plans for some hot toddys afterward to warm up!

#3: Downhill Ski/Snowboard 
New Brunswick is lucky to have asuch great hills close to home for some downhill skiing/snowboarding. Our own Crabbe Mountain will be up and running again in a matter of weeks! Fly through the glades or hit the Rockstar park then head to the Cafeteria for a Fix and chill out with some tunes apres ski at the Thirsty Boot Lounge. Pray for Snow. 

#2: Winter Camping
Solitude. Nothing is quieter or more peaceful than winter camping. No fees, no flies, and complete freedom. Winter camping, when done properly and with the right gear can be just as fun and comfortable as summer camping. The world is literally open and you can break trails and camp where ever you see fit. Very few people can say they have slept on a frozen lake! 

#1: Go Snowshoeing
One of Canada's most popular activities is snowshoeing. Float your way through fresh powder into the wild where everything looks new again. Try snowshoeing at night for even more fun! Radical Edge has teamed up with Fredericton FROSTival and will be guiding a moonlight snowshoe tour in February; check back for more details. Until then, give snowshoeing a try on your own!
From now until the 15th of December, with every pair of snowshoes purchased, we'll throw in a FREE set of poles! 

There you have it. A full checklist and a multitude of reasons why you should get out and play this winter. No excuses necessary. As always, if you need a partner, don't hesitate to ask any of the staff at the shop - we'd love to tag along! 

See you out there!

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